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Jana Jacob

SuperStar Director

My Story

We joined Scentsy in January 2008, with no direct sales experience and with no idea how Scentsy would impact our lives!    At the time we had 3 young children and had just taken a job transfer in a different state.  We needed extra income to help pay the two mortgage payments we had and not wanting to take our children to daycare - Scentsy seemed like the perfect solution to provide us with extra income while giving us the flexibility of working around our family's schedule.  Originally, I joined with the intention of earning $400 a month just to help pay utilities - I had no intention of building a team - let alone a sustainable business. 

As I shared the Scentsy products that people fell in love with - people began to ask me about joining my team - they wanted to be apart of this amazing opportunity!  The more I worked my business, the more I realized what an incredible opportunity Scentsy held!  My husband was able to retire from his career of 13 years to come and work along side me and together we raise our 6 children and work our Scentsy business from home.

The financial blessing has been incredible, but I have to be honest - the personal growth, amazing experiences, incredible friendships, and the memories that I have gained from Scentsy are the greatest blessings of all!I am so thankful for Scentsy!  I am grateful for the vision, values, and beliefs Scentsy holds.  I am truly honored to be a part of this company and to be a leader to so many amazing, inspiring consultants!

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