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Jana Jacob

SuperStar Director

I joined Scentsy in 2008, out of sheer necessity to earn some extra cash to help out with our finances.   In 2007 my husband had a job transfer in a different state that left us with two  mortgages payments.  Money was really tight.  I had just had my third baby and was unwilling to get a job where I had to leave my kids during the day.  I had been praying for SOMETHING to help us out.  I found that something, the moment I saw Scentsy.  It all clicked with me, a great product - not only did I get amazing aroma's from Scentsy -I finally had a safe way to use candles.  I saw that Scentsy's business opportunity allowed me a schedule that I could control, and the ability to earn as much as I needed.   It all seemed perfect - there was only one concern – direct selling – I had no experience – I had never even been to a Scentsy party.  I was so nervous about joining and my inability to be successful, that I didn’t join for three sleepless months.  When I say sleepless – I mean sleepless, I was consumed with Scentsy thoughts.  Finally, I was able to muster all the courage I had and decided to give it a try.  I figured if worse came to worst at least I would have all the products that I already loved, so I wouldn’t be out anything.  For an inexperienced seller, I thought Scentsy would be the perfect product to sell – all I needed to do was explain how to use Scentsy  and then sit back and let the customers smell. If they like candles, they would LOVE Scentsy, the scents just sell themselves. I was SO pleasantly surprised when many of my customers would exclaim, “Wow, this stuff just sells itself,” after smelling a few of the samples.   My original goal with my Scentsy business was to earn $400 a month.  I told myself I would just work to earn $400 and when our finances changed, I would no longer actively sell - I would just be in Scentsy to support my need!  Looking back, I am humbled to see what circumstances were necessary for me to join Scentsy.  As I sold the Scentsy products and became more involved with the company, my love for Scentsy grew!  My goals changed and evolved each year - this past year my husband was able to quit his job of 13 years to come and work with me full time while we raise our five children.  We have been tremendously blessed through Scentsy.   We have received financial blessings, but also we have gained dear friendships throughout all of the United States and Canada, through new customers, and consultants.  The personal development I have gained through the years amazes me - I am in awe of all the good that has come our way all because of a small investment and dedication!  If you think Scentsy is right for you and have any questions - I would be happy to help you in any way I can!  Thanks for your interest in Scentsy!    

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